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Peace Center, Philippines

The Peace Center was the second phase of The Peace Project’s rebuilding of Tabunok on Bantayan Island, an area where 65% of the homes were destroyed. In collaboration with the community members, dozens of organizations and hundreds of donors, our first community of 40 houses and communal restrooms were completed on November 7, 2014, one year after Typhoon Haiyan hit land.

The Peace Center was designed to be the epicenter of this community’s transformation — a place where a weekly market can take place, as well as vocational training and arts and cultural programs — all designed to turn a terrible tragedy into an enormous opportunity for abundance and prosperity.

Capitalizing on our strengths – smart, low-cost design and the ability to build collaborations with those we serve – The Peace Project led a small building team comprised of community members, and completed the build of The Peace Center in less than one month.

Total cost for construction and labor was approximately $15,000.

The Peace Center Promotional Information
Wooden foundation for The Peace C enter
Villagers building The Peace Center
Building crew for The Peace Center
Village in front of Peace Center
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