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Operation Reach Out Brings Critical Aid and Shelter on the Island of Bantayan in the Philippines

Progressive Pulse, February 2014:

The Peace Project was started back in 2010 by Lisa Schultz, who asked “If one person can singlehandedly establish World Peace Day, what can an entire creative community do?” Through her gallery, The Whole 9, she commissioned artists from around the world to submit paintings depicting what peace means to them, that were then revealed on World Peace Day. The following year Operation Rise was spawned in Sierra Leone, which successfully distributed 10,000 crutches to amputees, war victims and children.

Schultz has just returned from Santa Fe on Bantayan Island in the Philippines. Smaller islands like Bantayan have not received the media attention or influx of aid that Tacloban has, even though the need is just as desperate – 65% of homes are destroyed and weeks after the Typhoon, there are still many families living outside with no shelter.

We talked with Schultz about what Operation Reach Out plans to do to help rebuild this island and how we can help.

Read the full article here.

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