The Peace Project


We’ve become even more convinced that community-building is critical to world change. We also realize that peace is not possible unless people have hope for a better future and their basic needs are met.  The design, development and operation of The Peace Center is another critical step in the work we’re doing in Sierra Leone. It will also act as the foundation for our on-going work there.

The Peace Center is tentatively planned to be adjacent to the former Aberdeen Amputee Refugee Camp – an area where we’ve already done much good work. From The Peace Center, The Peace Project in conjunction with our trusted in-country partner, Community Association for Psychosocial Services, will operate training programs, arts and cultural initiatives, and administer a micro-loan program. Ultimately we seek to create a development model that is scalable and can be duplicated not just in Sierra Leone, but beyond.

Breaking ground in 2012, The Peace Center will be built on a crest serving as a beacon of light in this area where much darkness has previously been. The surrounding community will be invited into an interactive dialogue and partnership with The Peace Project team and will be instrumental in clearing the way for the building to be built.

The Peace Project team will work closely with the community to develop skills training classes (critical since skills training was almost non-existent during the ten year civil war), as well as arts and cultural programs designed to heal, inspire and bring more joy into the community. Many classes and activities will be offered at no cost and in return, participants will assist with duties in The Peace Center.

The Peace Center will include a large open area for workshops and classes, several offices, will have a high ceiling to allow for ventilation and natural light. The design will utilize materials that are readily available.

The Peace Center